Mile High Promotions is committed to providing an informed, punctual, dependable, and overall higher quality of promotional service for a variety of promotional brands and promotional engagements.

In an industry where integrity and professionalism are not always commonplace, Mile High Promotions is dedicated to the belief that all products and engagements, large and small, are deserving of a higher standard of promotional service. This requires promotional models to be punctual. This also includes credibility during the promotion that comes from true brand knowledge that is required of all promotional models prior to each promotion.

Finally, there is a certain style and level of integrity that is needed of each promotional model in order to work for Mile High Promotions. This final criteria is of invaluable importance to the company in order to insure that each promotional model will successfully meet the needs of any future modeling engagement.

Mile High Promotions’ culture and philosophy is founded on a belief in a higher standard of promotional service. Great pride is taken in making sure the smaller steps needed to accomplish a successful promotional event are taken care of in a systematic manner.

Furthermore, a great pride is taken in the people who make up Mile High Promotions! A shared sense of confidence, integrity, and strong work ethic combine to make a marketing agency with a strong, value oriented core guaranteed to make any promotional opportunity a successful one!