Brandi Shilling


After a 17 year career in the promotional industry as an independent representative, Brandi founded her own company in 1999. Through the course of her work experiences, Brandi recognized what aspects of promotions delivered the best results for her customers and for the overall development of the brands she represented! Realizing the market’s need for an experienced and dedicated promotional service company-Brandi founded Mile High Promotions, striving to create a team dedicated to quality representation and complete professionalism.

Brandi’s belief in supporting her team in every way possible creates an environment that is full of dedication and sacrifice. The idea that total communication between her and the promotional team, as well as between Mile High Promotions and the customer, proves to be very successful in the building of friendships that good business relationships are built upon!

The saying that “smiling is contagious” could very well have been written about Brandi as she has the ability to light up a room with her positive outlook on all aspects of life and her work. Her work ethic, creative ability, and her genuine caring nature are all qualities that have added to the success of Mile High Promotions!

Brandi, along with her entire promotional team, does all she can to over- deliver to the customers-often going that extra mile to give her accounts more than what they had been promised! “I never leave any part of the business or satisfaction of the customer in question” states Brandi, showing her firm belief that the customer is always right and confirming her commitment to that satisfaction!

Brandi, along with partner Tara Steinke, has made Mile High Promotions into one of the largest and most successful promotional companies in Colorado. She is currently in the beginning stages of starting a new branch in Dallas, Texas.